Welcome to SEACOR Liftboats LLC

SEACOR Liftboats LLC operates the largest fleet of modern liftboats with lengths of 200 feet or greater, and a total range of 150 feet to 265 feet in length. These liftboats are outfitted to support customers' construction, maintenance, production enhancement, and decommissioning projects.

SEACOR Liftboats LLC is an affiliate of SEACOR Marine, the most diversified offshore marine company in the world. SEACOR Marine provides a broad range of offshore support services with offshore marine vessels strategically deployed offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, Latin America, the North Sea, West Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, coupled with the highest standards of safety, service, and technology available in the industry.

SEACOR is home to the industry's most dedicated, qualified and safety-minded personnel, both ashore and aboard. Together, our personnel and equipment continually set safety and performance records in offshore support. When customers around the world call upon our equipment and personnel, they can rest assured SEACOR is commited to providing a level of service second to none.